The head of Winnipeg's museums board is hoping the local NHL team will pitch in money towards the city's museums, which face a funding shortfall.

The city's 2013 budget proposes a 10 per cent reduction in funding for city museums and heritage programs, resulting in a total shortfall of about $140,000.

The funding cuts have officials with some museums, including the Manitoba Children's Museum, fearing staff layoffs, program cuts and higher admission prices.

Bill Dowie, chair of the City of Winnipeg Museums Board, is proposing a museum stabilization fund that he hopes will get help from the Winnipeg Jets.

"The national-class city that we are lucky enough to live in, in Winnipeg, is because of the vibrancy of our museums, our art galleries," he said Wednesday.

"You would not have an NHL team back in Winnipeg … if we didn't have those amenities."

Dowie said he would like to see the Jets contributing some of the money the team gets back from the city through an entertainment tax refund.

A spokesperson with True North Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Jets franchise, told CBC News that officials want more information about Dowie's proposal before they comment.