Winnipeg police have arrested a number of suspects and raided homes this morning as part of Project Sideshow, a drug investigation that includes raids in Ontario and B.C.

Officers started executing search warrants at 9 a.m. CT in several different parts of the city, including St. Anne's Road, Market Avenue and Harrowby Avenue, and Redwood Avenue and other homes in the North End.

Martyn Janik said he woke up to find a number of police cars outside his home on Manitoba Avenue. He said he's gotten used to seeing police raids in the area. 

"This is normal for us here," he said. "This is a once a month, once every month-and-a-half occurrence."

Teresa Chief also watched as police raided a home on Redwood Avenue, next door to her house. She said it's not the first time.

"This [house] was busted 4 years ago," she said.

Sources tell CBC the investigation leading up to the raids has been underway for almost two years.

Raids were also happening Wednesday morning in Vancouver and Toronto.

Winnipeg police said they will release details of their investigation and the arrests next week.