Winnipeg high school gets $300K for cyber security academy

The Manitoba government is investing money to update classrooms and install new equipment for Sisler High School's cyber security academy.

Sisler High School's cyber security academy will get updated classrooms and new equipment

From Left Jarren Mercado, Manpreet Kensray and Deven San Miguel are part of Sisler High School's network and cyber security academy. (Chris Glover/CBC)

Sisler High School's network and cyber security academy is getting an upgrade.

On Thursday, the province announced it's investing $300,000 to create a network and cyber security virtual data centre. 

The money will also be used to update classrooms.

“Part of our agenda in the provincial government is to ensure that young people in high school have real opportunities to get good jobs for the future," said Premier Greg Selinger. "When a student goes to school here they get the regular academic program, but they also get this advanced training in cyber security."

The premier said students will get mentorship experiences, the opportunity to work on the best equipment and an understanding of the labour market before even graduating from high school. 

Sisler High School student Jarren Mercado was excited about the chance to show the premier some of the work students do in the program.  

"That's something that most students don't even get to do," said Mercado.  

The school is working closely to connect students with internships at leading companies and employers in the fields of Information and technology, networking and cyber security. 

The academy also gives students access to dual credits through partnerships with Red River College and the University of Winnipeg.