The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has launched its latest round of sexual-health advertisements, reminding teenagers to use condoms, but some say ads are not enough.

The WRHA's campaign, unveiled on Thursday, is aimed at battling high rates of sexually transmitted infections among teens.

The advertisements tell youth that since the symptoms of an STI can come unexpectedly, using condoms during sexual activity is the best way to be safe.

Dr. Pierre Plourde, a medical health officer with the WHRA, said the health authority will be following up with teens to find out if the ads work.

"Are they having, you know, less sexual relations, or the same? And if [it's] the same, are they using condoms more often? So we are keeping track of that," Plourde said.

The WRHA says Manitoba tends to have the highest rates of chlamydia in Canada, especially in teens, and gonorrhea rates are also high.

The advertisements will appear in movie trailers, on shelters and on the radio. There is also a website,, with more information.

Some Winnipeg teens told CBC News they think the ads won't be as effective as sexual-education courses at school.

"Last night I was doing bio questions, and it was about sexually transmitted stuff," said Dylan Buhay, a Grade 11 student at Sisler High School.

"It's honestly kind of gross to me that we don't know enough about it."

Jonelle Giddings, another Grade 11 student at Sisler, said it may be more effective for students to hear from people who have had sexually transmitted infections.