The head of Manitoba's largest food bank says he's ecstatic after an anonymous donor made a $100,000 donation during CBC's Harvesting Hope radiothon late Friday afternoon.

"What a tremendous gift!" a grinning David Northcott of Winnipeg Harvest said just before 6 p.m, after learning of the major donation.

Northcott announced the donation near the end of Harvesting Hope, a special day of broadcasting to raise money for Winnipeg Harvest share the stories of volunteers, donors and the thousands of Manitobans who use the food bank's services.

Harvesting Hope raised just over $250,000 on Friday, the highest amount ever raised at the annual event.

"We bless every one dollar, but every $100,000, that's the same kind of respect and blessing that says, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,'" Northcott said.

People can still donate online by going to the Harvesting Hope website.

Winnipeg Harvest and CBC Manitoba are also inviting people to drop off donations of infant formula at 541 Portage Ave. until Dec. 20.


  • On Monday, Dec. 16, Winnipeg Harvest officials contacted CBC News to say a clerical error that resulted in a $1,000 donation coming through as a $100,000 donation. While CBC had requested an internal confirmation on Friday and had been assured the amount was accurate, unfortunately Winnipeg Harvest discovered on Monday that it was an error. The actual total amount raised during the drive was $168,650.
    Dec 16, 2013 2:04 PM CT