Pixels for Pistols has become the most succesful gun amnesty initiative Winnipeg has ever held.

In just eight days, 426 firearms have been turned over to police.

The program, which runs throughout this month, is a partnership between the city police, Henry's Photo, and Panasonic.

Anyone who wants to get rid of a firearm can arrange to do so with police. In exchange for a working firearm, they'll receive a Panasonic FH8 digital point-and-shoot camera and a Henry’s school of imaging gift card, at a value of $240.

For every non-working or replica firearm someone turns in, they'll get a Henry's school of imaging gift card of $75.

Police stress they do not want firearms turned in at the camera store or at any Winnipeg police station.

Instead, anyone who wants to hand over their gun is asked to call police at (204) 986-6222, and officers will come and pick it up.

A gun amnesty program from two years ago netted just under 200 firearms.