Winston Churchill knew him as "Intrepid."

But most people in his hometown of Winnipeg don't know who he is, so a local group wants to rename a street after him to help make him as well-known at home as he is abroad.

Nicknamed "the quiet Canadian," William Stephenson used the code name "Intrepid" as head of the British prime minister's intelligence operations during the Second World War. He is widely thought to have been an inspiration for the James Bond movie character.

Stephenson came in 54th place in CBC's search for The Greatest Canadian.

A radio pioneer, he also helped develop a way of transmitting photographs around the world.

Winnipeg's Intrepid Society wants part of Portage Avenue, east of Main Street, to be renamed in Stephenson's honour.

The group's president, Gary Solar, said the site is an ideal choice because of the symbolism.

"That street leads to the area of the Human Rights museum and I think it's hard to find anybody in the world who did more for human rights than Sir William Stephenson," Solar told CBC News.

The group plans to head to city hall on Tuesday to make its case.