Wal-Mart opened two super-sized grocery centres in Winnipeg on Friday, but at least one local grocer says he doesn't fear the new competition.

The big-box chain officially opened "super-centres" Friday at two locations: Regent Avenue West and Lagimodiere Boulevard, and Kenaston and McGillivray boulevards.

The new outlets promise deals on produce, meat, baking, pharmacy and other items commonly found in grocery stores.

The mega-stores don't faze Husni Zeid, who owns the Foodfare store on Portage Avenue and Burnell Street.

"We actually don't care if they open, you know, a million stores," Zeid told CBC News on Thursday.

"Competition is healthy and, I mean, the more the merrier."

Zeid said he is confident the services his store offers, like home delivery, will keep his customers coming back.

"We right now have loyal customers that shop here. We try to provide the best for our customers," he said.

"We are very well-known in the community and we help out our community. And I think by doing that, we won't have any issues."