Lane Styles is a 9-year-old Winnipegger who co-stars with Greg Kinnear in a movie shot in Manitoba last summer called 'Heaven is for Real' which opens Wednesday. (CBC)

A major movie filmed in and around Winnipeg opens in theatres next week.  

Heaven is for Real stars Greg Kinnear but also includes some homegrown talent.

Lane Styles is a 9-year-old Winnipegger who plays the sister of a little boy who sees strange things after a near-death experience.  

The movie was shot last summer in Winnipeg, St. Andrews, Warren and Selkirk.

Styles said she likes the challenge of memorizing lines and playing different characters.

It's already her fourth movie, but she said she is especially looking forward to taking her family to see this one when it opens on Wednesday. 

"So excited," she said. "I can't wait because I like working on movies and then getting to see myself."