Winnipeg dogs got a special treat on Monday, which happened to be National Dog Day, when the Iams pet food company brought its Doggie Cafe to Kilcona Park.

The cafe was part of Iams's 'So Good! Doggie Cafe' cross-Canada tour. Furry festivities began at 2 p.m. and featured games, snacks and treats, as well as photo opportunities for owners and their pooches.

Donna Henry, president of the Kilcona Park Dog Club, said she hopes the event will highlight the need for more off-leash parks in the city.

"There's no dog park at all in Transcona, although there's one being planned for a new subdivision. But in the meantime, without a dog park, many, many Transcona dog owners are suddenly coming to Kilcona."

Henry said compared to Calgary, Winnipeg doesn't have enough dog parks, even though it has about the same number of dogs.

Calgary currently has 150 dog parks, while Winnipeg has about a dozen.

"We're disappointed that there isn't enough space for dogs, and we're disappointed there really aren't enough neighbourhood parks."

The city is looking at changes to Kilcona Park, which may include reducing the size of the off-leash area. A meeting with city planners is expected this fall.