West Broadway is getting a barricaded cycling lane – the first of its kind in Winnipeg.

Construction is underway on Sherbrook Street from Wolseley Avenue to Broadway, where workers are installing concrete boulevards to create a “parking protected” bike lane.

The lane will have short concrete boulevards divided by spaces for parked cars, which will separate cyclists from vehicle traffic. The idea is to “shield” cyclists from traffic with a divider made of concrete and parked cars.  

Parking-protected bike lane for cyclists in Winnipeg

This boulevard separates cyclists from traffic on Sherbrook Street in Winnipeg. (Kiran Dhillon/CBC)

Bike Winnipeg’s executive director Mark Cohoe said he has been lobbying the city for protected lanes since 2008.

“We’ve made progress, but there’s an election coming out in October, and it’s a great opportunity for people to get out and elect a mayor and councillors who are committed to making Winnipeg bike-friendly,” said Cohoe.

He said the city needs more protected lanes downtown, where traffic is heavy and the risk to cyclists is high.

“All major streets should have one because there just isn’t enough room!” said Gerald Buchan, a cyclist who has been hit twice.

One crash left him with a broken arm that required seven screws and a plate to repair.

“They had to replace the radius head in my elbow,” he said.

Buchan said rush hour is particularly bad.

“It’s just too crazy, and then if you drive on the sidewalk, you’re putting people in danger,” he said.

The existing bike lane will extend down Sherbrook from the Maryland Bridge to Cumberland Avenue, but the only protected portion planned is in West Broadway.