Winnipeg residents will soon have just one garbage pickup day to remember each week, as the city makes major changes to how it collects garbage and recycling.

The city is moving to a set weekday pickup schedule, replacing the current five-day cycle. Residents will be assigned a collection day — every Monday, for example — that will stay the same year-around, the city said in a release Thursday.

Garbage pickup will be pushed over by one day on weeks with Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day.

The city is also rolling out new garbage and recycling carts starting in June. It will take four months to deliver 320,000 carts to single-family homes across the city, according to officials.

The new garbage carts can hold up to three full standard garbage bags, and the recycling carts can hold the equivalent of four standard blue boxes.

The carts will replace autobins, the back-lane metal trash containers that residents have long said are a lightning rod for fires and illegal dumping.

The city says it will launch the new garbage, recycling and yard waste pickup service in the first week of August for people living in neighbourhoods that currently have autobins, and in the first week of October for everyone else.

Garbage crews will pick up grass clippings and yard waste from from single-family residences between April and November.

The collected yard waste will be composted, potentially keeping 25,000 tonnes of organic material out of the landfill annually, according to officials.