Rating: ★★★★ 

Company: Curbside

Genre: Physical Theatre

Venue: 1 - John Hirsch Mainstage

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An adaptation of the Little Prince, Flight is your antidote to the explosive summer blockbuster. 

Gentle and sweet, the Pilot and the Little Prince swap tales of their journeys. The stories unfold through narration and the graceful contortions of the three acrobats. They create underwater seascapes; a field of cacti; a plane replete with lights, sailing through the night sky. It is beautiful to behold. 

The Little Prince meets incomprehensible adults like the Baker with the jiggly belly who is ashamed that he bakes all the time and so he bakes some more to cover his shame. 

The message of the show is simple: "What is essential is invisible to the eye, and can only be seen by the heart."

Flight is your antidote to the explosive, summer blockbuster. - Michelle Palansky

A lovely, pared down piece of children's theatre, Flight relies upon astonishing acrobatics and the collective willingness of the audience to imagine worlds beyond the stars and just over the next wave of the ocean. 

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