A fringe festival actor has come under attack for her controversial take on the life of the Virgin Mary, with her posters and car being vandalized in Winnipeg.

Fringe poster

The controversial play, Lies of Promiscuous Woman, has prompted someone in Winnipeg to vandalize the posters and even the car of actor Theresa Thomson. (Courtesy Theresa Thomson)

Theresa Thomson is performing in a show called Lies of a Promiscuous Woman, which poses the question: what if Mary lied about the resurrection and immaculate conception?

Before the first performance, Thomson discovered that posters for the show have been vandalized with words like "slut" and "blasphemer."

Vandalized car

Someone wrote on Theresa Thomson's car with permanent marker. (Courtesy Theresa Thomson)

She's also had similar words yelled at her on the street, and on Sunday, the word "slut" was written in permanent marker on her car.

There's also been requests to have the show shut down.

Thomson, who plans to file a police report on Monday, now has a fellow actor walk her to and from her performances in order to feel safe.

She expected the play, which is getting positive rating by reviewers, to be controversial but didn't expect to be targeted like that.

She refuses, however, to let the negativity stop her or affect the play.

“The audiences that are coming up to me and the audiences that are standing up at the end are being moved. And we're starting a conversation,” Thomson said.

Thomson said she's never been in a show that's swung so positively and negatively when it comes to reaction.