Winnipeg football team tackles 24-hour game

A Winnipeg football team is playng a 24-hour marathon game Saturday afternoon.
Winnipeg's Greendell Falcons play 24-hour football game 0:55

A Winnipeg football team has started the longest game of its career Saturday afternoon.

The Greendell Falcons are battling another team in a 24-hour marathon game, which started at 1 p.m. CST.

Players are raising money to help pay for a trip to an August football tournament in Dublin, Ireland.

"Which is a huge celebration of Irish heritage and culture, so we're going crazy here fundraising to get the boys across the pond," said Yvonne Hansen, the event organizer.

Guest teams are expected to come in and play against the Falcons throughout the 24 hours, including a team featuring several Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The game is indoors at the Greendell Park Community Centre Gym, and the rules are similar to those of ultimate frisbee.

"There will be constantly two teams on the floor...and we've actually entered in to, submitted to get us a world record," said Hansen.