Flights coming in and out of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport faced potential delays Monday night, due to intense lightning in the area.

The Winnipeg Airports Authority said activated a "red alert" around 8 p.m. CT, meaning ground crews had to stay indoors for the time being.

An airport spokesperson told CBC News that ground crews were not allowed to go outside to service aircraft, load and unload luggage and cargo when lightning strikes.

Aircraft on the tarmac would be considered lightning rods in those conditions and ground workers could get hurt, according to the spokesperson.

As a result, departing and arriving flights could be delayed until the ground crews were allowed to resume working outside.

The lightning and thunderstorms that rolled through the city also knocked power out to about 3,800 Manitoba Hydro customers in Fort Richmond.

And lightning sparked a pole-top fire on Bison Drive just after 8 p.m.

Power was back on after about an hour and a half but then a second outage occurred in the city, affecting a smaller customer base in the St. James area, near Roseberry Collegiate.

Power there was back on by 1 a.m.

The storm dumped about 12 millimetres of rain in the city.