A Winnipeg family has been forced out of their home after raw sewage began spurting out of the drain and into their tub.

About five days ago, Sandra Fry’s family saw raw sewage bubbling up from the bathtub drain in their Maples home.

'We can't go to the bathroom! I have a teenager going in the bushes!' - Sandra Fry

They brought in two plumbers to find out what was happening, and they told the family there was a blockage at a city line, forcing the family's own waste back up the pipes.

“We’re dumping water outside,” said Fry. “We’re not really sure what’s going to happen if we can’t flush, but you just can’t not flush. Everybody’s conserving their flush!”

Fry said she has contacted the city, but the problem won’t be fixed for at least a week.

According to a spokesperson with the city, it will pay and repair the line, but the work won't begin until at least Friday.

However, the contractor will need time to arrange for clearances from the other city utilities, so it is more likely that the start date will be Monday.

In the meantime, her family and her elderly mother have had to move out.

Fry said the response time is unacceptable, and the city should move faster to fix the problem.

"We can't go to the bathroom! I have a teenager going in the bushes," she said.

"It's like, you know, the city is in no hurry. This has been since Friday!"

The city has not said if it will compensate the family for related expenses, such as hotel and plumbing costs.

What caused the blockage is also not known at this time, but the city spokesperson said blockages in any sewer pipe can be caused by a number of things like tree roots, debris and grease build-up.