Winnipeg family heartbroken over dad's lost war medals

A Winnipeg woman says all she wants for Christmas is her father's missing war medals.
Marissa Fitzner holds a photograph of her father's Second World War medals. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)
Frederick Fitzner served in Canada, France, and Germany during the Second World War. (Courtesy Marissa Fitzner)
​ A Winnipeg woman says all she wants for Christmas is her father's war medals. 

Marissa Fitzner says her brother forgot the four medals in a bag of Christmas presents outside her West End home a few days ago.

Fitzner said he accidentally left the bag in the lane off Lipton Street.

He called her an hour later when he realized the medals were missing. But the medals were already gone.

She was devastated. 

A sign posted in the lane, asking for the return of the medals. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)
​ "I got sick and I cried. I just couldn't even think," Fitzner said. "This is pretty much the only thing we have left of my dad."

Fitzner said her father got the medals from his service in the Second World War.

She has put out a message on Kijiji asking for the medals to be returned.

She said they are an important reminder of history.

"They're important to us," she said. "Because we're proud of our dad. He served. We have our freedom. He was part of us having the freedom that we have today."

Fitzner also plans to go door-to-door to see if one of her neighbours found them.