As temperatures finally warm up in Winnipeg, foundation repair businesses are preparing for an onslaught of customers calling about flooded basements.

But Winnipeggers can try to avoid flooding by clearing snow around the edge of their homes, according to Abalon Foundation Services’ Gerry Bonham.

Bonham said homeowners should shovel snow about a metre away from their home before it starts to melt.

“If they don’t do this they are guaranteed they’re going to get water coming into his basement,” said Bonham. “If you do anything, make sure your window wells are clear.”

According to Bonham, about 30 per cent of the calls his company gets are preventable.

Over at OnTime Group, they’re expecting an uptick in calls about sump pump problems when the snow melts.

The company handles heating, plumbing, air conditioning and electric problems.

Tyler Whitlaw, the company’s owner, said people should be testing their sump pumps now to make sure they’re working properly before the snow turns to water.

“The best way to do it is a real live test. Fill it full of water because that’s what’s going to happen in a few weeks,” said Whitlaw.

If the pump doesn’t eject the water, there’s a problem, he said.

Next, homeowners should check the end of the pump outside to make sure ice isn’t covering it.

And if you don’t already have a sump pump, it may be worth a call to 311 to discuss the current rebate program.

The City of Winnipeg has been holding rebate applications since Jan. 1, as city officials said provincial funding for the program has run dry.