A Winnipeg duo is using the power of music to honour a friend who was killed on the Osborne Street bridge earlier this year.

Sean Quigley and Karli Gerbrandt — known together as Bold as Lions — wrote, recorded and shot a music video for Hope Again, a tribute to Joshua Bentley.

Joshua Bentley

Joshua Bentley, 18, died following an attack Jan. 24 on the Osborne Street bridge. (Facebook)

Bentley, 18, died following an attack on the bridge on Jan. 24. Another man who was assaulted recovered from his injuries.

A 26-year-old man has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with Bentley's death.

Bentley was known in Winnipeg's music community as the lead singer for Empty Hands, a hardcore band.

"We wanted this to not only be a light in the darkness, in the middle of such a dark situation, but bring people hope," Quigley told CBC News on Monday.

"We wanted it to be something where his family would know that we're never going to forget about him."

Quigley and Gerbrandt filmed part of the video for Hope Again at the spot where Bentley was found.

"It just doesn't seem real to do that, to stand there and sing there, but we wanted to include that," Gerbrandt said.

You can watch the video below: