Winnipeg will be the first city in Canada to have a splash park for dogs if their owners at Kilcona Park get their way.

Donna Henry, president of the Kilcona Park Dog Club, said it would be the third step in developing amenities for the park, after putting in a drinking water fountain and a dog washing station.

Henry is presenting the idea to a local councillors on Tuesday.


Donna Henry, president of the Kilcona Park Dog Club, said splash pads for dogs are far less expensive than those for children. (CBC)

She said exact costs aren't known yet, but splash pads for dogs in the U.S. are much less expensive than splash pads for children. 

Club members would fundraise for the project, and Henry said some of the club's corporate sponsors have indicated they would help as well.

Henry said it only makes sense that dog owners at Kilcona are leading the way on the idea.

"Kilcona is the right dog park to do this," she said. "It's the largest dog park in Winnipeg. It's well-suited to large active dogs. It's the most heavily used off-leash area in the city and this would be a very nice focal point for the park."

Henry said there are almost as many dogs as children in the city, but park resources for dogs and their owners pale in comparison.

"Most of it is brown space and marginal real estate," she said. "We're just saying, dog owners are just saying, there needs to be a better balance there."