A Winnipeg doctor has been suspended for providing two female patients with drugs in exchange for sex.

Randy Raymond Allan gave prescriptions for oxycontin to both patients, whom he met in massage parlours in 2009, according to a report from the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The report, dated Oct. 2, states that Allan has not been practising for the past two years while he was under investigation.

He admitted his actions to college investigators on Sept. 11 and received a suspension for 18 months.

Allan pleaded guilty to professional misconduct and admitted he billed Manitoba Health for the visits with both women, according to the report.

Bill Pope, the college's registrar, called the situation "gravely concerning."

"This is not only misusing your position, but also misusing your position and potentially harming vulnerable people," he said, referring to the women, who told Allan they were addicted to drugs.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Health Minister Theresa Oswald noted the length of time that elapsed between the allegations and the doctor's suspension.

"Some would say this case took longer than it should have. I may be inclined to agree with that," Oswald said.

Evidence the investigators looked at included copies of four oxycontin prescriptions that were issued between June and September 2009 to one woman, and copies of 23 oxycontin prescriptions issued between January and May 2010 to the other woman.

The panel also reviewed the billing records that Allan submitted to Manitoba Health for services provided to both patients.

Those documents show that no records were created with respect to some prescriptions, and false information was included in some instances.

As well, the records did not indicate that either patient was addicted to oxycontin, and that one woman was buying the drug on the street.