Winnipeg dips to coldest April temperature in 16 years

Winnipeg temperatures dipped to a 16-year low on Monday.
CBC's Meagan Fiddler reports. 1:38

Winnipeg temperatures dipped to a 16-year low on Monday.

The city saw the mercury dip to –18 C, the coldest temperature recorded in April since 1997.

The only day colder in the last 16 years was on April 8, 1997. The temperature dipped to –19.3 C that day.

Some Winnipeggers are wondering if spring weather will ever come. Leanne Hildebrand, who got out to The Forks on Monday, said the past few weeks have been grueling.

"It's terrible. It's awful. It's terrible for everyone's mental health right now," she said, noting she is taking vitamin D and trying to get out as much as she can.

"I think people are starting to really struggle. I mean, we recognize into February and March that's okay. But now we are into April, and it doesn't look to be looking up anytime soon."

It's not expected to get anywhere near the normal daytime high of 6 C anytime during the next week.

Despite the cold temperatures, some signs of spring are returning to the city.

The Bridge Drive-In opened last week.

"Thursday was okay. Friday and Saturday was much better. Yesterday with the weather it slowed right down again," said owner Roger Brisebois.

Last year, the popular ice-cream shop was seeing excellent sales.

"It’s unbelievable. From 20 C last year to -20 C – it’s a shocker," said Brisebois.

Other spring activities are still on hold because of the cold.

St. Boniface Golf Course still has a lot of snow on the greens.

"There needs to be a lot of melting outside. There’s lots of snow," said Troy Kapko, the course’s assistant golf pro.

"We need the weather to warm up quite a bit."

Kapko said a number of staff have been hired, but they, like most Winnipeggers, are waiting for warmer temperatures.