Final touches are being put on a pedestrian and bicycle bridge next to the Disraeli Bridge, and people who travel around Winnipeg on two wheels say they're looking forward to it.

The City of Winnipeg says the active transportation bridge will be finished in the next four to six weeks.

Crews are still working on lighting, artwork on the rails and landscaping on each riverbank, a spokesperson told CBC News.

Mark Cohoe, who works with the cyclist lobby group Bike Winnipeg, said the project would not have been realized if passionate cyclists hadn’t pushed for it.

The bridge’s redesign did not originally include a separate structure for pedestrians or cyclists. Now, though, the group’s work has paid off.

Soon, the area will be open to cyclists and pedestrians, and Cohoe said he’s impressed with the final project.

"It’s great. It’s a wide bridge so it’s got about five metres of width, which means there’s plenty of room for cyclists and pedestrians to co-exist," he said. "There’s some great landing spots where you can stop and take a look out over the river."

The private-public partnership project is on budget, according to the city.