Some Winnipeg cyclists and pedestrians don't think the city has been keeping up with snow clearing, so they're tackling the job themselves.

Volunteers with Bike Winnipeg are shovelling snow from a trail in St. Boniface, between Dumoulin Street and the pedestrian bridge crossing the Seine River, over the noon hour Tuesday.

Bike Winnipeg shovel-in

Volunteers with Bike Winnipeg shovel snow from a pedestrian bridge crossing the Seine River on Tuesday. The bridge is part of a trail that links St. Boniface to Elmwood and Transcona, but snow hasn't been cleared from it and other commuter cycling and walking routes so far this winter, according to the group. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

The trail is a critical route linking St. Boniface to Elmwood and Transcona, but snow hasn't been cleared from it and other commuter cycling and walking routes so far this winter, according to the group.

Mark Cohoe

Mark Cohoe, the executive director of Bike Winnipeg, says it has been a difficult winter for year-round cyclists. (Ruth Shead/CBC)

"A lot of the routes simply haven't been cleared this year. Certainly been a difficult year for cyclists trying to get to their destinations this winter," said Mark Cohoe, Bike Winnipeg's executive director.

Winnipeg is hosting the 2014 International Winter Cycling Congress, an active transportation conference, starting Wednesday.

But the city lags behind other winter cities in facilitating active transportation to reduce people's reliance on motorized transportation, according to Bike Winnipeg.

Cohoe said his group wants better road and bike path clearing, as that would help people cycle year-round.

"We know that preventative health care and getting people to play active will save the province a lot of money. It's also something that will help with congestion in the city," he said.

Cohoe said Bike Winnipeg also wants to see the city implement a notification system that would inform cyclists of road conditions, much like Manitoba's highway conditions report.