Winnipeg culture makers share New Year's Resolutions

From adopting a traditional Indigenous diet, to embracing aging, to celebrating life on a daily basis, these people have some great ideas for making better choices in 2014.
Katherena Vermette, writer (Pauline Boldt)
I’ll spend more time dancing.- Debbie Patterson

It's that time of the year again. Time to make some New Year's Resolutions. We asked some of 2013's culture makers what their New Year's Resolutions might be. Here's what they had to say:

Katherena Vermette, writer and winner of 2013 Governor General Literary Award
My New Year's Resolution is to eat better and smarter. I know, I know, everybody says that, but I really mean it. ..this time! We've been doing a lot of reading (and watching scary docs) about food safety and GMOs. Our goal is to adopt something closer to a traditional indigenous diet, or at least, something low bread / low sugar. The belief is there, now for the practical application..and the will power!

Debbie Patterson, playwright (Leif Norman)
Debbie Patterson, playwright
In 2014, I resolve to embrace aging and decline with grace, to let go of old skills and future dreams that are no longer possible, yet to feel the loss keenly and with gratitude. I resolve to embrace the slowness my body demands, and to extend that patience to people around me. I resolve to recognize and address the fear that makes me forget to respond with love in situations where I feel challenged. I will make compassion, gratitude and joy the main criteria for making choices. I’ll spend more time dancing.
Stephen Borys, Director & CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery (Winnipeg Art Gallery)
Stephen Borys, Director and CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery
My trip to the Arctic this past summer changed my whole perspective on the north and the Inuit — and it has helped me take on the mantle of Northness down south. So I have resolved to help share the story of the Inuit and their land with all Canadians, beginning with Winnipeggers and Manitobans. I also wish to spend more time with my family and go at least two extra days a week to the Downtown Y to keep fit. It's going to be a very busy year at the WAG as we continue to develop plans for the Inuit Art Centre. And I think the best way for me to tackle this project is to make sure I have the right amount of time away from the office with family and friends in our great city.  
Chandra Mayor, U. of W.'s Carol Shields Writer-in-Residence for 2014. (Lin Seller)
Chandra Mayor, U of W Writer in Residence for 2014
I don't typically make resolutions at New Year's - the bleak midwinter is a hard time for new beginnings, I think. That being said, this year's resolution is to always keep a small bottle of champagne in the refrigerator so that I can celebrate everything - every joy, every grief, every challenge and bit of light.  I think it's a really beautiful way to remember to stay present in our own lives, to treat ourselves as if we are worth marking, noting and lifting a glass - because, of course, we are.

Alexander Mickelthwate, music director of the Winnipeg Symphony. (Keith Levit)
Alexander Mickelthwate, Music Director Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra:
I’m so looking forward to kicking off the year with the 23rd New Music Festival where we will present new symphonic works and a new idea of music from the Beyond! Then in May we travel to New York City to perform at the fabled Carnegie Hall for a historical moment for the WSO, Winnipeg and Manitoba. I also can’t wait to share our new 2014-2015 season with everyone! So my resolution for 2014 is to enjoy these beautiful and special moments and share them with my family, friends, co-workers and collaborators, and with those who share a passion for music!

Happy New Year!


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