Winnipeg crews work to repair South Osborne water main break

Some people in Winnipeg's Lord Roberts neighbourhood have a flooded street and no water in their pipes.

Neighbourhood residents awoke to flooded streets, no water Wednesday morning

A City of Winnipeg truck is parked in a flooded street where crews worked on Wednesday morning to repair a broken water main. (Lyzaville Sale/CBC)

After waking up to flooded streets and no water, some relief has come to people in Winnipeg's Lord Roberts neighbourhood affected by a water main break Wednesday morning.

"There are 12 homes affected by the leak," a city spokesperson said. 

A water tank was on site at Hugo Street South between Berwick Place and the back lane of Morley Avenue early Wednesday afternoon addressing the leak.

The large water main break had cut off supply to a number of homes and businesses and was impacting traffic around Kylemore Avenue and Osborne Street.

"Driving down Kylemore this morning there was, I would say, six inches of water all the way down the street," said April Kalyniuk, who directs the Lord Roberts Children's Programs out of the neighbourhood community centre.

"Then the back lane going to Berwick [Place] looked like there might have been 12 or 14 inches of water. It looked like a lot."

Kalyniuk has had to close her daycare and has been told she won't have any water Wednesday and possibly Thursday as well.

City crews are working to repair the break, expected to be done by the end of the day Wednesday.