Winnipeggers hoping their residential street will be plowed sometime soon will have to wait quite a bit longer.

The city has said it won’t plow residential streets after a massive snowfall blanketed the city in snow and ice on Saturday.

John Ford was out walking his labradoodle and isn't happy about the decision not to plow.

"The roads are extremely rutted and we have been dealing with this for quite a few weeks," Ford said.

City crews plowed main routes, but there are no plans to hit residential streets for now. The city will assess the roads after Friday.

That’s when about four more centimetres of snow is expected.

“So we’ll make an informed decision as that system approaches us,” said Jim Berezowsky, the manager of the city's streets maintenance division.

The news comes as frustration from motorists and pedestrians grows over streets and sidewalks with deep ruts and bumps.

For City Coun. John Orlikow, the news is unacceptable, and he can’t understand why the small amount of snow on Friday would delay residential plowing.

“There is no excuse [for] why we’re waiting in my opinion,” said Orlikow. “We should be going full bore ahead getting those streets as safe as they can.”

In the meantime, crews are out on major routes sanding on Tuesday but planning to start scraping on Wednesday night.