More details are emerging about fraud charges laid against a veteran Winnipeg police officer.

Sgt. Richard Sierhuis, 47, is charged with seven counts of fraud over $5,000, passing of wares or services and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Court documents allege Sierhuis and his son, Adam, defrauded five people and Transport Canada out of more than $5,000 on seven different charges.

The documents allege in one particular case, Sierhuis and his son passed off a 2006 Volvo as a 2010 model to a Manitoba buyer.

Jeremy Quartel told CBC he bought what he thought was a fully-loaded 2010 Volvo S40 for $17,000 from Sierhuis in September 2012.

"He was like a politician trying to sell you some land," said Quartel.

He said Sierhuis’ son posted an ad on Kijiji for the car, but it was Sierhuis who sold the car to him.

When he took the car in for maintenance at a Volvo dealership he was told he had two cars in one — a vehicle with many parts from a 2006 but had the VIN number of a 2010 model.

Quartel said he later found out the car was a flood-damaged vehicle that was cleaned up and moved across the United States border into Manitoba.

He said though there were some red flags including some broken switches and worn leather, he decided to go ahead.

"I thought it was under warranty, so whatever," said Quartel.

Quartel said when he confronted Sierhuis, he didn’t want to give him his money back.

He had no idea Sierhus was a Winnipeg police officer.

"He even said to me, ‘Go to the police!’" said Quartel.

So he did.

The car was seized, and Quartel finally got his money back.

Court documents allege a handful of other victims purchased cars from Sierhuis under fraudulent circumstances.

Officers began investigating Sierhuis in October 2012, and charges were laid against him Tuesday.

Police said none of the alleged crimes took place while Sierhuis was on duty.

Sierhuis has been with the Winnipeg Police Service for over 24 years and has been put on administrative leave pending a review of his employment status, according to police.