The City of Winnipeg has decided to close the civic parkade on Princess Street after a review of engineering reports raised structural concerns with the facility.

The call came Friday evening after the city met with engineers who put together a report on the 60-year-old parkade.

According to city officials, the parkade, which holds more than 400 cars, has been monitored on a regular basis because of its age to ensure its structural integrity.

The city is calling the closure a precautionary measure until it determines what the right steps are in handling the building.

171 Princess Stree, Winnipeg

Signs will be put up at the entrance that will indicate the parkade is closed.

Randy Topolinski, parking authority spokesman, said the closure will not affect Winnipeg Police vehicles using the underground portion of the facility.

"We've had assurances that the building's not in danger of collapsing or anything," said Topolinski. 

"The fact that part of the facility was underground certainly has protected it from the elements. They have given us assurances that it is still safe to continue to use that [part of the] facility." 

James Avenue will be closed between Princess Street and King Street in order to allow police operations to go on.

The Winnipeg Parking Authority will notify monthly parkers over the weekend about the closure.

Those who use the parkade will be redirected to the Millennium Library Parkade on Donald Street — monthly parkers will be shuttled to and from city hall throughout the day by transit buses.