Winnipeg celebrity lookalike chats with Jimmy Kimmel

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel chatted with his Winnipeg doppleganger last night.
Luke Normore (Facebook)
Jimmy Kimmel

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel chatted with his Winnipeg doppleganger last night.

Kimmel did a Skype interview with Luke Normore, who has long liked — and long looked like — the comedian.

Friends have called Normore by the nickname "Kimmel" for years. Normore said his mom even teases him that his biological father is Kimmel.

So how are they reacting to his moment of fame?

"They're excited. They're also, I'm sure, getting annoyed with me," Normore laughed.

"I've spoken so much about it and it's taken up my life this past weekend and beginning of the week so far.”

Normore came to the show’s attention after responding on Facebook to a call for Kimmel twins.

Normore was chosen from dozens of applicants and was part of a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment called Skype Scavenger Hunt, in which guests are sent to find a variety of oddball items.

Noremore and another Kimmel-like competitor had to find something the comedian would hate, had to bring all the meat from their refrigerators, and had to dress like a female ver

Normore never expected to be contacted and says being part of the show has been the best moment of his life.

He joked that he'll let the experience go to his head and is prepared to sign autographs.

"I might go straight straight Hollywood after this, kiss a couple babies, you know," he said.


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