A Winnipeg car-share program has doubled its fleet of cars to serve a growing demand in the city.

Peg City Car Co-Op now has eight cars in its fleet, all of which are shared by more than 140 members of the co-op.

Alana Ollinger is one of them. When she’s not cycling or busing, she’s using a car from the cooperative. "I usually take it about once a week just to see my family," said Ollinger.

She has family that lives in St. Vital and North Kildonan, too far for her to walk or cycle.

The company launched about two years ago, and board president Shoni Litinsky said they’ve seen a lot of growth recently.

"It’s really exciting to see that, as we thought, this has really taken off in Winnipeg," said Litinsky.

"People are excited about it and joining."

Jason Syvixay of the Downtown BIZ said the car-sharing option is great for those who live and work in Winnipeg’s downtown.

"It’s obviously a very environmentally friendly, more sustainable option," said Syvixay.

"I think from what Soni is saying, not a lot of young people are choosing to own a car."

But the more environmentally friendly option isn’t as cheap as taking the bus or cycling.

The program charges a one-time refundable fee of $500, as well as a fee per hour and kilometer driven. The fees go to pay for insurance, maintenance and gas on the vehicles.

But for Ollinger, the program is worth it. She owned her own car about a year ago, and after switching to the co-op, she said she has no plans to purchase another vehicle.

Right now the organization has eight locations where cars can be picked up and dropped off. Many of the locations are central, including the  University of Winnipeg, West Broadway and Osborne Village.