The owner of Winnipeg’s Six Pines put a twist on the ALS ice bucket challenge on Wednesday – using green slime instead of ice water.

James Thevenot opted to use slime in honour of the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie being released.

“My daughter and son-in-law and the grandkids had challenged us to the ice bucket competition for ALS and we decided to put a twist on it and do it with slime,” said Thevenot.

Six Pines owner James Thevenot Ghostbusters ALS challenge

Six Pines owner James Thevenot does the ALS ice bucket challenge on Wednesday with green slime to celebrate Ghostbuster's 30th anniversary. (CBC)

Six Pines is an agri-tourism spot just north of Winnipeg that offers farm tours and field trips in the summer and a spooky haunted attractions during the fall.

Thevenot already owned a Ghostbuster’s car and did the challenge in a Ghostbuster’s jumpsuit.

He also decided to challenge a few of the movie’s stars to try it next.

“We’re challenging Billy Murray and Dan Aykroyd to do the same,” he said “We’ve got a little bit of a connection with Dan Aykroyd. We’d really love him to get involved.”