A Winnipeg group dedicated to helping children overcome trauma has made a little boy’s dream come true with a brand new bedroom.

The Dream Room Project is a non-profit group that designs new bedrooms for children and families dealing with traumatic experiences.

This week, they completed their latest project — creating a hockey-themed bedroom for six-year-old Zach Kuffel.

Zach, who has Cerebral Palsy, is a big hockey fan.

"He is probably the biggest hockey fan in Winnipeg," said his mom, Janique Messner. "He’s completely obsessed with hockey!"

Zach has trouble communicating sometimes and has physical development delays and speech difficulties, but Messner said he’s quite clear about his love for hockey.

On Tuesday, he was presented with a brand new hockey-themed bedroom from the volunteer and donation driven charity.

"It’s phenomenal. What they are doing for any kid that has struggles right? It’s not just kids with disabilities. It’s any kid that has any kind of struggle — bullying, anything," said Messner.

Wanda Luna founded the group, that recruits local artists to volunteer and paint murals for kids who might need a boost.

"It does something to you to see kids light up, and it means a lot to me," said Luna. "It is quite magical."

Zach’s room is the 21st room Luna has painted. The project took three days and four volunteers to complete.