A young Winnipeg boy is determined to hit the ground running for his mother and others battling cancer across Canada.

Samantha Anderson was diagnosed with breast cancer in April this year. Surgery followed and now the mom of five is set to undergo chemotherapy.

Samantha's 12-year-old boy Nicholas was inspired to support his mom through her treatments.

"He's offered to come sit with me in chemo treatments and, you know, supportive when I started to lose my hair," said Samantha. "He's awesome."

But Nicholas has gone above and beyond and started his own online campaign to raise money for cancer research.

His initial goal was to walk across Canada. His dad, Barrie Dubois, signed Nicholas up for CIBC Run for a Cure instead.

Now Nicholas is the captain of Cancer Crusaders and he just got his first donation to the tune of $50.

Nicholas has many ambitious plans to help reach his goal of $10,000, from bake sales, pizza drives and charity mini-golf tournaments.

His parents are confident Nicholas will accomplish his goal by Oct. 5, the day the charity run will take place.

"He's pretty active, he's a big football fan, he's a great help with his siblings," said Dubois. "He takes the initiative to be a leader, in which I'm proud of."

Nicholas just wants his mom to get better. Samantha's last round of chemotherapy is just before the walk and the outlook is good.

"That'd be really nice for her, if we can run for her and raise lots of money," said Nicholas.

Visit the CIBC Run for the Cure website to donate to Nicholas' Cancer Crusader team.