David Leitch

Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan David Leitch said he was thrilled to be asked to take photos of the team during practice. Bombers learned Monday the 23-year-old had passed away.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers have lost one of their biggest fans.
David Leitch has passed away.
The 23-year-old who had spina bifida said he was depressed and suicidal before discovering a love for the city's football team.
He went to a football practice one day and his appreciation for the team grew from there. 
For a long time he didn't miss a game or a practice.
He told CBC in June how thrilled he had been when the team invited him to take photos of their practices. 
"It meant a lot to me, gave me something to do," said Leitch. "[To have] people who believed in me, supported me, it was something I never had before."
Players are taking the loss hard.
Former QB Alex Brink posted this to twitter:
"RIP David Leitch...if u didn't get a chance to meet him u missed out. A spark in my life and many others. The strongest person I ever knew."