Some local brewers are about to take their beer-production business to the next level in Manitoba.

The entrepreneurs behind Farmery Estate Brewery have inked a deal to see their product brewed in the province after an appearance on the CBC show Dragon’s Den on Thursday.

Lawrence and Chris Warwaruk, brothers from Manitoba, pitched their idea to build a brewery on their estate near Neepawa.

They grow the hops in province for their beer, dubbed Farmery, but will now be able to brew it right here at home. Previously, their beer was made in partnership with an Ontario business.

The brothers already own a gastropub in Winnipeg's South Osborne neighbourhood, named Luxalune. The pub offers dozens of different brews from around the world, including the beer they developed themselves.

A number of dragons made offers to the brother who eventually chose a deal with David Chilton and Arlene Dickinson.

Chilton and Dickinson offered the brothers one of two arrangements, and the Warwaruks opted for a deal that would provide $200,000 for the costs of the on-site brewery, which are estimated at a total of $1.5 million.

In exchange, Chilton and Dickinson got a six per cent royalty.

The deal means the brothers will build Canada’s first estate brewery, similar to a winery, where people can come and sample the beer right where it’s made on the farm.