Basketball Manitoba says former University of Winnipeg basketball player Erfan Nasajpour won't be able to play for Iran in the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Erfan Nasajpour, Winnipeg basketball player

Erfan Nasajpour, a Winnipeg basketball player, will play for Iran's national team in the FIBA World Cup on Sept. 1. (University of Winnipeg)


Nasajpour was born in Iran, but came to Canada with his family as a child.

He was going to play for the Iranian national team in the World Cup in Spain this weekend, but Basketball Manitoba claimed Thursday transfer processes weren't completed in time, rendering Nasajpour ineligible.   

Adam Wedlake at Basketball Manitoba said they are very disappointed to hear Nasajpour wouldn't be suiting up due to a technicality, adding not being able to participate at the "pinnacle of his basketball career is totally heartbreaking."