The Winnipeg Arts Council says the city is falling behind in funding public arts.

Currently Winnipeg spends $6 per person per year on public art, about the middle of the pack compared with other Canadian cities.

Arts council executive director Carol Phillips says she would like to see that amount double to $12 per capita over the next decade, noting that Edmonton and Calgary have long ago surpassed Winnipeg in their support for public art projects.

Phillips said Toronto also spends far more than Winnipeg does.

"They're somewhere near $20 to $25 per person annually," she said.

"Montreal, I honestly can't even remember, because it's so high we sort of don't compare ourselves to Montreal. But it's like $60, $80 — it's huge."

Phillips said the council has presented its multi-year cultural plan, which includes funding increases, to the city numerous times, but it has yet to be adopted.

The council remains optimistic that the plan will be adopted, she added.