A Winnipeg fire chief says a family of three is lucky they weren't seriously injured after leaping from the window of their apartment building during a fire.

Officials said a man and a woman carrying a four-month-old child jumped from the second-floor window of their apartment in the 100 block of Colony Street on New Year's Day.

The family was found lying on the ground when emergency crews arrived.

Fire jump

What was left at the scene beneath an apartment that caught fire, forcing a man and woman with a baby to jump from a window on New Year's Day. (Alana Cole/CBC)

Joseph Towongo, who lives in the same apartment complex, said he found the family after they leapt from the building.

"I did not see [the jump] but I found them down here when I came out," Towongo said. "The mom jumped with the baby; the man also jumped."

Towongo said it appeared as if the two adults injured their feet during the fall.

"On the man, the feet were all bloody," Towongo said.

Fire jump

Blackened window frames show where a fire broke out in a second-floor apartment building in Winnipeg on New Year's Day. (Alana Cole/CBC)

Towongo said he stayed outside with the family for about 30 minutes to an hour while emergency crews battled the fire.

The woman and baby had minor smoke inhalation while the man had a broken leg, emergency officials said.

Platoon chief Barry Evans said it appears the fire was caused by a Christmas tree in the living room.

"They were very fortunate it was only a 10 foot drop," Evans said. "If they would've lived on the ... fourth floor, it would've been a 40-foot drop." 

Damage to the apartment suite is estimated at $100,000, fire officials said.

With files from the Canadian Press