A Winnipeg man known for warning motorists of what he calls photo radar "speed traps" is facing charges of obstructing a peace officer.

Shane Yaworski, a member of the anti-photo radar group Wise Up Winnipeg, has been holding up signs near photo radar vehicles to warn oncoming traffic of their presence.

Yaworski is also known for confronting the operators of the photo radar units and sometimes recording the encounters.

Now, he faces three counts of obstructing a peace officer. He was arrested on Wednesday and released on a promise to appear in court on Nov. 25.

"Pretty furious but pretty embarrassed as well," he told CBC News after he was released.

Shane Yaworski

Shane Yaworski, a member of Wise Up Winnipeg says he was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly intimidating photo radar operators on three occasions. (CBC)

While Yaworski has been seen as a hero by people who oppose photo radar, he has clashed with photo radar operators in recent months.

Police have warned him in the past for physically obstructing photo radar guns.

In July, Yaworski provided media outlets with video footage of him yelling at an operator inside a vehicle. He has apologized for his part in that confrontation.

Says he called operators 'rat bastards'

Yaworski said according to police, he was arrested for allegedly intimidating photo radar operators on three occasions — once on Sept. 18 and twice on Sept. 23.

"They said … these people feel intimidated by me and they're supposedly scared to do their job," he said.

Yaworski admitted to calling the operators "rat bastards," but he claimed they have said much worse things to him.

"Threatening my life, making things about my wife, hoping my child gets hit with a speeder some day," he said.

Yaworski also alleged that the operators would often give him the middle finger and chase him in their vehicles.

However, he said he won't press charges against the operators because he thinks his claims will "fall on deaf ears."

Wise Up Winnipeg founder Todd Dube says he believes there's another reason for Yaworski's arrest.

"Look at the support we get!" he exclaimed. "I mean, we have everybody behind us. And they know that. That's why they arrested him."

Dube said while he does not condone any of his members being abusive towards photo radar operators, he supports Yaworski completely as he does important work advocating to raise what he calls chronically low speed limits.

As conditions of Yaworski's release from custody, he must be of good behaviour and stay 150 metres away from all photo radar operators.