Winners of food truck wars at Winnipeg's ManyFest crowned

The votes are in and the winners of food truck wars at Winnipeg’s Manyfest have been crowned.

KYU Grill, BDI, Churro Stop get honours

The Bridge Drive-In won best presentation at ManyFest. (Katie Nicholson/CBC)

The votes are in and the winners of food truck wars at Winnipeg's Manyfest have been crowned.

For the third year in a row, KYU Grill takes home the people's choice award.

The grill got 192 votes and finishing second place was the Red Ember with Churro Stop finishing third with 157 votes.

Food truck war judges crowned Wiggle Chips as being the most original, the Bridge Drive-In as having best presentation and the Churro Stop with giving hungry mouths the best bang for their buck.

It's the seventh year ManyFest has taken place in the city and the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ said an estimated 70,000 people came out to the festival, which had arts and entertainment in addition to the food trucks that lined Broadway and Memorial Boulevard.

The BIZ said the amount of food trucks in downtown Winnipeg over the summer is growing.

The festival wraps up Sunday night.