Firefighters in Winkler, Man., have a new piece of equipment designed to rescue people trapped in grain bins.

Members of the Winkler Fire Department trained on grain bin rescues Monday using the barrel-shaped rescue tube, which has been donated to the department by Wentworth Ag Services.

The tube fits together over the person in the grain bin, says deputy fire chief Phil Dueck.

"Keep the situation from getting worse and then that will help us facilitate getting the person out, because the grain will trap them and hold them in place and also restrict their breathing," he said.

Grain bin rescues can be difficult because the grain keeps rolling down and could crush not only the person being rescued, but the rescuer as well.

Randy Froese, a Winkler-area farmer who was trapped in a grain bin in 2010, says having such equipment on hand brings peace of mind.

"With the amount of farms that there are, it could happen again, and to have this is a matter of life and death," he said. "It's a matter of minutes."

Dueck said the rescue equipment will be available to anyone that crews can get to in a reasonable amount of time.