A Winkler, Man. man who was buried in a grain bin is telling his story of survival to raise awareness for farm safety week.

In 2010, Randy Froese was inside a bin when a wall of beans collapsed on top of him.

He said it was pitch-black and difficult to breathe.


Randy Froese survived being trapped in a grain bin in 2010. He is now back to farming. ((Froese family))

"I didn’t know if I was going to die or not. I didn’t know exactly how bad the situation was," said Froese.

It took farmers 45 minutes to dig Froese out of the bin, and he had to spend a week in hospital after the incident.

Froese is now back to farming, and spreading the message about farm safety.

Agriculture Safety and Health Week, a Safe Manitoba initiative, runs from March 10 to 16.

Safe Farms has an online checklist available to producers to help them identify possible hazards on their farms.