Wind warnings have been called off for Lake Manitoba, but they're still in effect for Lake Winnipeg Tuesday afternoon.

Northwest winds nearing 40 kilometres an hour swept through Lake Manitoba Tuesday morning, while Lake Winnipeg's south basin is expected to get winds of around 30 kilometres an hour Tuesday afternoon that should taper off slightly into the early afternoon.

Winds on Manitoba's lakes are a problem because water levels are still high from torrential downpours and subsequent flooding in spring and early summer. Waves can cause severe damage to lakeside properties.

Mona Sedleski, former deputy reeve of the RM of St.Laurent, said strong winds from the north blew through the Twin Lakes Beach area Monday reaching 55 kilometres an hour.

Sedleski said for the past two months area residents have lined up either dams filled with water or geotubes and double rows of sandbags to try and protect their homes from waves crashing into property front shorelines.

The waves are so high there's little beach left, Sedleski said.

"Our sand beach had just totally disappeared and the water was right up to the back of the Geotubes,” said Sedleski. "The waves were just pounding, but we've managed to get most of the areas protected."

Sedleski said people are tired of the stress of dealing with high water on the lake.

Usually the major storms that bring the strong winds and waves are in October, she said.

Sedleski said there is no way the province can draw down the lake quickly enough to prevent major damage this fall.