Strong winds, freezing rain and wet snow are predicted across southern Manitoba, as the annual spring break kicks off.

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement Monday, warning that an early spring storm is poised to move through southern Manitoba tonight and into Tuesday, bringing strong winds, freezing rain, thunderstorms and wet snow.

CBC weather specialist Marilyn Maki said five to 10 centimetres of snow is possible for western regions Monday afternoon and for the Red River Valley on Tuesday.

"We're looking at freezing rain through parts of southern Manitoba as well as thunderstorms, maybe even some snow," said Maki. "There's also the possibility of five to 15 millimetres of rain across western regions and the Interlake tonight. We could see that rain changing to freezing rain or wet snow over western areas with cold air in behind it."

That's not the kind of weather that parents with small children wanted as record-breaking high temperatures over the last month led them to plan outdoor activities with their kids for the week. Sylvia Loewen had outdoor activities planned for her four-year-old daughter Olivia, such as gardening and riding bikes.

She says they're not going to let rain stop them from spending time outside. "We put on our puddle boots and our rain gear, and our umbrellas and away we go," she said.

Rhonika Mangroo has said her two boys, aged seven and nine, will spend time outside even if it rains. "They do play enough games indoors so I tell them the games have to stay home and we're going to come outside and have some Vitamin D. You know have some fun and stretch your legs and be outdoors. And the weather should improve, I think."