William Sumner's family is still coming to grips with the 27-year-old being killed on Father's Day and seeing videos posted on Facebook of emergency crews trying to resuscitate him on the sidewalk.

A woman, not known to the family, was live on Facebook showing streets blocked off, police officers in the area and emergency crews working on a man, The family later learned that man was Sumner.

"Someone was live feeding that they were resuscitating him. We're hearing he suffered for about an hour," said Doreen Sumner, William's aunt. "It's very hard, not only for me but the rest of the family."

William Sumner

William Sumner was rushed to hospital Sunday where he died of gunshot wounds, family members say. (Supplied photo)

The family pieced together that the scene they were watching was William after someone posted on his Facebook page "RIP" and they knew he was going to visit a friend on Pritchard Avenue.

"It was a shock because we had to learn through Facebook and that's not the way we wanted to hear about something like this. It's very hard on everybody right now," Doreen said..

Sumner, 27, was visiting friends at a home in the 600 block of Pritchard Avenue on Sunday when he was shot three times, his aunt Doreen Sumner said. He died in hospital the same night. Winnipeg police did not confirm how Sumner died.

"It happened on Father's Day. Him dying on Father's Day. He was trying to be a good father. That really hurts," said Doreen Sumner.

She said her nephew leaves behind three young children and a fourth child on the way, due in October.

"He loved his kids very much. He'd always post and say 'I love my babies', so I know he was a good father," said Sumner.

Viola Sumner

Viola Sumner is William Sumner's grandmother. She raised him from the time he was 17 months old. (John Einarson/CBC)

William's grandmother Viola Sumner said her grandson never forgot to send her messages online every day. 

Fighting back tears, Viola said she has a special bond with her grandson since she raised him from the time he was 17 months old. and he called her "mom" since he started to talk.

"I will remember him every day until I die," said Sumner.

Warm weather can bring more crime

Will Sumner's death is the 12th homicide of 2017. Warmer weather can bring with it more crime, said Winnipeg police Const. Rob Carver.

"There's more social activity which gets more people together and unfortunately that means we end up with violent crime increases and sometimes we end up with homicides."

The cause of Sumner's death has not yet been released and no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to call 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).

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