A city truck and a black sedan sit near the scene of Tuesday morning's accident. ((CBC))

The wife of the City of Winnipeg worker who was struck by an impaired driver earlier this week said she hopes their experience will make people reconsider drinking and driving.

"Have a designated driver, phone a cab, or stay at a friend's house or just don't get into a car if you've been drinking," Kathy Pacheco told CBC News on Friday. "Even if it's one drink, and you think you're fine, you never know what could happen.

"We were really lucky that Michael didn't lose his life."

Street-cleaning worker Michael Pacheco, 27, had been on the job for just two days this season when a car slammed into him around 1 a.m. Tuesday on Main Street near Templeton Avenue. Witnesses said he was pinned between the car and a city truck into which he was loading signs. 

His wife said this is his second year working as a street-cleaner.

Pacheco was taken to hospital in critical condition. "Physically, he's doing better," Kathy said Friday.

Additionally, she said, the doctors "told me the good news that he's not going to lose either one of his legs, so that's as good as it comes right now."

She said when he was first brought into the emergency room, doctors had said he would likely lose his right leg.

A 51-year-old woman has been charged with impaired driving and impaired driving causing bodily harm  in connection with the crash.

The city's public works department, police, Workplace Safety and Health and the union representing Pacheco are all investigating the crash.