George Shaver, 83, was killed Thursday in a car crash, and six hours later his wife of six decades, Irene, also died. ((Photo submitted by Peggy Haire))

The six children of an elderly Manitoba couple are planning a double funeral for their parents after their mother died in the hours following their father's death in a car crash.

George and Irene Shaver were married for six decades.

But a few hours after hearing that George Shaver, 83, was killed in a crash on Highway 302 Thursday afternoon, Irene Shaver, 79, also died, relatives said.

George died while returning home to Ostenfeld, Man. from the town of Beausejour where he was buying medication for Irene, who was terminally ill.


George and Irene Shaver on their wedding day. ((Photo submitted by Peggy Haire))

She suffered from emphysema and heart complications and only had a few months to live, the couple's son, Cliff Shaver, said.  

Cliff Shaver said he believes his mother's death was due to more than simply health problems. It happened not long after RCMP told her of George's death.

"She was in shock as well. I think the news of my dad, my dad being killed [while] getting something for her was probably more than she could bear," Cliff Shaver said.

"She was ready and she was prepared and she was able to say she loved us and us to her. So her, we were prepared for but my dad — no," he said.

RCMP said the crash that killed George Shaver was influenced by weather conditions. It was snowing and the roads were slippery.

Daughter Linda Shaver said her father was devoted to his sick wife.

"There is nothing my father wouldn't have done for her. Even going out in that snowstorm and making sure to get her medication for her, under any circumstances," Linda Shaver said.

The family said they want the couple to be buried together.