The parents of a Manitoba boy who was left brain damaged after an STARS Air Ambulance flight to Winnipeg have formally filed a lawsuit against the company and some of its employees.

STARS flew Morgan Moar-Campbell from Brandon to Winnipeg Children’s Hospital on May 2.

The two-year-old boy was sedated and had a breathing tube inserted in his throat when he left Brandon, but his family said the tube somehow became dislodged when he was being moved from the helicopter to an ambulance in Winnipeg.

No one noticed, and the boy suffered major brain damage from which he is not expected to recover.

On Wednesday, his parents formally filed a lawsuit against STARS and some of its employees, alleging negligence.

Last month, the child’s parents, Blair Campbell and Emily Moar, said they planned to launch the lawsuit and that it was "not about money, it’s just that we want to know what went wrong in that ambulance."